Football Parties

Parties are for children aged between 5 and 12 years. These are great for football fanatics to enjoy team games and penalty shoot outs. You can have a coach to greet the children, organise the games and referee the match to finish the party. Alternatively we can leave it to you to plan.

Booking Procedure

Please email Sue at to book your party.

There is a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 20 children.

All parties are 2 hours long with 1.5 hours of football and 0.5 hours for food.

On the day just turn up with the children and the cake, and we will be ready for you.


Football pitch:                            £85

Football pitch with coach         £150

Food                                            £4.50 a head.

Party Menu

Mixed platter of sausage, fish finger,  chicken nuggets and chips


Pizza & Chips