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ALL TEE TIMES MUST BE BOOKED ON LINE - we do not accept on course, over the phone or email bookings. For Societies please email

Before booking a tee time members and green fees will need to agree the following points:


  1. I confirm I have not been out of the country in the last 14 days

  2. I confirm I am not in self-isolation and or Shielding

  3. I confirm I am not displaying COVID-19 symptoms at the time of booking and if I am displaying symptoms on the day of play, I will not come to the club

  4. I confirm I am not restricted by government guidance relating to age or underlying health

  5. I confirm I am travelling to the golf club alone or with a member of the same household

  6. I confirm I will clean my clubs, bag, trolley and shoes, before leaving home to travel to the club

  7. I confirm I will stay 2 metres away from any employee or fellow golfer at all times and adhere to the guidance and restrictions in place to ensure the safety of employees and fellow members

  8. I understand that I am travelling to the club and playing golf at my own risk


By booking a tee time, you will be agreeing to adhere to all of the above points.


The following restrictions will be in place on the golf course

  • Golf must be booked via online bookings through the club website: Please do not call the club to book a tee time

  • If at all possible, please book during the week to improve availability for those who are working to be able to play at the weekend

  • Play from the 1st tee only to help manage social distancing and maintain pace of play

  • The practice area is  not in play

  • Golf outside of pre-booked slots is not allowed

  • Social distancing must remain in place with a minimum of 2m distance maintained between golfers at all times

  • Members must only leave their car to allow just enough time to prepare their clubs, change their shoes and walk straight to the tee

  • Other than those playing in the same group, members must not congregate together anywhere on the premises

  • Roll up groups are suspended until further notice

  • The flagstick must not be touched under any circumstances

  • All Golfers must make every attempt to rake the bunker, either using their own carry rake, or the back of a golf club head or shoe

  • The bell is to be sounded by striking with a golf club (putter or iron). Under no circumstances are members to touch the bell.

  • Tee markers or other on course accessories must not be touched

  • Hand shaking or other forms of body contact are not allowed at any point before, during or after the round

  • Members and course users should not touch any golf ball other than their own during the round, this includes balls you may find in the rough

  • The changing rooms are now open.

  • In a health emergency, please dial 999 immediately.


Anyone may be asked to leave the course without warning if they are seen to be intentionally ignoring the Covid-19 guidelines, including social distancing.



The following booking system will be place:

Members and green fees will be required to book a tee time to play golf. This is will be an alien process for many members, however it is essential in order for golf to be played safely during the Covid-19. Key information regarding booking a tee time is set out below:


  • A tee time must be booked online to play, this is to help manage footfall and so that we have a record of who has played and when to aid with contact tracing if required

  • Play will be from the 1st tee only to help manage social distancing measures and maintain a pace of play

  • Bookings are made via the website or BRS App



Safety measures start before you get out of your car:


Parking at Corinthian Sports Club for any purpose other than playing golf is strictly prohibited until further notice.


  • Members and course users must only arrive at the club no earlier than 10 minutes before their booked tee time

  • Cars must be parked in the golf car park and park front end first to help maintain spacing when loading and unloading clubs

  • Make sure when exiting the car that there is no one in the car either side of your space. If there is, wait until the area is clear before exiting your car

  • Change your shoes in the car park and prepare your clubs ready for golf

  • Walk straight to the 1st tee

  • Park your trolley or bag a minimum of 2m away from any other set of clubs



Leaving the club:


  • Do not approach your car until the area is clear

  • Change your shoes, put your clubs in the car and drive away immediately avoiding car park chatting



Thank you for your patience. Please remember, this is a fluid situation and this document is also fluid and will be updated as guidance changes. We will adapt the measures in place either at the fortnightly review, or before if required.


You can do your bit for the club by supporting this guidance as you enjoy your golf.

The Golf Hut by the 1st tee is open for for check in, and takeaway snacks and drinks.